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  • Integral Obedience with TalkDog Training

    Do you have a dog in need of training? Come in and get started with this introductory obedience course going over all of the essential behaviors and solutions to common problems that you and your dog might need. We use proven effective force free training methods rooted in the science of animal behavior to help you communicate effectively with your dog. Training will include: Eye contact, Sit, Down, Extensive Leash walking, Drop it, Leave it, Go to a bed, Waiting at a door and 2 separate recalls. We will also cover common problem behaviors in detail such as Jumping, Barking, Digging, Object stealing and chewing, Play Biting and much more. The last week of class could include an AKC Puppy Star test or Canine Good Citizen test. Please do NOT bring your dog for the first week. The instructor will be reviewing a lot of information that first week that is just meant for you, not your pet. Please bring proof of vaccinations to first class.