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Lakewood Elem Empower Hour
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About Lakewood Elem Empower Hour

Empower Hour will offer students a wide variety of programming in their own school building, immediately before or after school.

All Empower Hour programs will meet once a week for six weeks, and are priced in three different tiers to reflect the amount of supplies needed. The programs at each specific school will change throughout the year - some examples of programming that we will offer include art, sports, science, music, karate, crafting, recreation classes, and more!

Featured Courses

  • Young Rembrandts: The Power of Drawing

    Experience the colorful magic of Fall and Winter in the Young Rembrandts classroom! We will kick off this session with an interesting Iguana, a video game favorite Pixel Block Character and the geometrical world of architecture as we draw the Notre Dame Cathedral. Later in the session, students will immerse themselves in the seasonal spirit as they learn still life technique of pumpkins, draw a detailed Scarecrow, and draw a silly but challenging Patterned Bat. Finally, get ready for winter as we turn out a very ‘sweet’ drawing of a gingerbread house. We’ll draw these (and many more exciting lessons!) while we improve creative and critical thinking skills today’s students need. Don’t wait…. sign up now!