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Highland Elem Empower Hour
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About Highland Elem Empower Hour

Empower Hour will offer students a wide variety of programming in their own school building, immediately before or after school.

All Empower Hour programs will meet once a week for six weeks, and are priced in three different tiers to reflect the amount of supplies needed. The programs at each specific school will change throughout the year - some examples of programming that we will offer include art, sports, science, music, karate, crafting, recreation classes, and more!

Featured Courses

  • Mindful Masters

    Have you ever felt like your emotions are TOO big? Do you want to learn strategies to calm down those big emotions? Join our club called Mindful Masters! This club is run by Mrs. Marquis and Ms. Young at Highland Elementary every Wednesday from 4:15-5:15pm starting on January 25th and ending on March 1st. In this club, we will do activities to learn what causes such big emotions such as anger, sadness, anxiety, and more as well as how to calm ourselves down when our emotions get too big. This club is for anyone, kindergarten through fifth grade, boys and girls. This is the first time this club is being offered here at Highland, so please sign up if you are interested!! Please send your child with a snack to eat at the beginning of our time together. We cannot wait to explore our emotions with you and become detectives of our own feelings!
  • Young Rembrandts: The Power of Drawing

    Ring in the New Year with a Young Rembrandts class for your elementary student. Our budding artists will have the opportunity to flex their creative muscle as they take on fun, artistic challenges like our Jack Russell Terrier lesson and Martin Luther King Jr portrait in the month of January. The month of February brings a lot of fun and culture into the classroom as our students’ imaginations are whisked away to a masquerade or into the mind of master artist Romero Britto. And in the month of March, get ready for some dinosaur-sized excitement as your elementary student recreates the ferocious T-Rex Young Rembrandts style! These lessons are sure to warm you up. Sign up today!